Monday, July 16, 2012

When the Dry Season ArrivesWhen the Dry Season Arrives

When the Dry Season Arrives for traditional farmers        
        The dry season is making farmers nervous and had to work two extra times, like the farmers in my village every summer they usually grow cape, corn, sweet potatoes, and others, of course because there was no rain that irrigates their farm lands become dry and crack-crack, so that farmers make a hole dug in the soil of their farm land to find the source of water, after they get their water source to water every tree they empire, almost every day they water it using a bucket, of course it's very tiring in the could conceivably because if farmers were to plant 2000 pepper tree and the tree watered every 1 liters of water. many farmers have to water it, because the farmers in my village are traditional farmers.

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