Monday, July 16, 2012

When the Dry Season ArrivesWhen the Dry Season Arrives

When the Dry Season Arrives for traditional farmers        
        The dry season is making farmers nervous and had to work two extra times, like the farmers in my village every summer they usually grow cape, corn, sweet potatoes, and others, of course because there was no rain that irrigates their farm lands become dry and crack-crack, so that farmers make a hole dug in the soil of their farm land to find the source of water, after they get their water source to water every tree they empire, almost every day they water it using a bucket, of course it's very tiring in the could conceivably because if farmers were to plant 2000 pepper tree and the tree watered every 1 liters of water. many farmers have to water it, because the farmers in my village are traditional farmers.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Red onion of Brebes Regency

Red onion of Brebes Regency, Central Java Indonesia

             Brebes Regency farmers in Central Java Indonesia, most of them are farmers red onion, garlic Brebes Regency is the largest supplier of Java area in Indonesia, red onion plant is not easy and not always profitable, farmers sometimes get substantial losses due to the average red onion farmers in berebes always rely on borrowing money for capital to grow their businesses to harvest red onions, so if the price of red onions is low, the farmers get a big loss, and many other obstacles such as farm land flooded or affected by red onion crop pests. onion red growers in Brebes but not desperate, they were always the spirit of planting red onions each year even though sometimes red chili plant is also to meet the needs of the market. Red onion many benefits, mainly as a spice in cooking and ingredients for medicines.

If the Planting Season Arrives

Rice Planting Season

We are from families who have only agricultural land but do not have the capital to for farming, rice planting season arrives we desperately need capital in order to cultivate agricultural land planted to rice is ready, sometimes we got to borrow the money for it, so we sincerely hope the future of results trees may be about 3-4 years we could pick from a plant timber-producing trees, our lives completely mediocre, which is important for us to eat every day. Results such as rice farming and other foodstuffs, or timber-producing trees are always in very low value directly from the farmers if the price is far cheaper than the price of the factory or export

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tectona Grandis

Slight Hope
The results of a farmer without capital
The long journey is tiring for us to achieve success even just to find food, not only we are still many families who have farmers agricultural land but do not have enough capital to cultivate it, promising future is a dream for farmers like us, but we never been desperate to try.

My father now has 43 Tectona grandis trees in tree rings over 70 centimeters and is already ready for harvest, but my father was free to sell it because the supply is not within their price or market price piggledy area, so we are still looking for those interested in high prices, maybe the next few weeks I will show pictures of Tectona grandis trees in my father's blog.

About my Family [farm families]

farm families
I am the son of one of the family farmer in Indonesia, my father's job is to grow crops, like rice, corn, peppers, onions, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and vegetables, my father also has a plot of planted forest trees as a long infestasi there are about 4 acres of land planted several types of timber producing trees such as Tectona grandis and Albazia falcataria, we expect of family farming for their daily needs.